Have you ever watched a TV show and said to yourself, "I would love to be a part of that family?" We have done that in the past. We decided to find out what the students in our middle school thought. We surveyed 80 students and asked them the following question:

If you could be a part of one television family, which one would it be?

Here are the results to our survey:

Modern Family 40

The Kardashians 26

The Middle 7

The Fosters 4

Full House 3

Students said that they would want to be a part of one of the "Modern Family" families because so many wacky things happen to them. Students thought they would have fun with the different characters in that family.

Many students said the Kardashians because they would love to be a part of a family that is famous and has a reality show about them. Kids also liked the fact that they travel all over the place anytime they want.

A few students chose the other three families because they seemed like interesting and nice people to be around.