Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Dathy Pham, Dix Hills

We think every kid in our school would like to have a pet, but what is the one type of pet they want more than the others? We did a survey in our school to find out what is the most popular pet, and we gave the kids six choices. Here is how they ranked:

1. Dog

2. Cat

3. Hamster

4. Bunny

5. Bird

6. Fish

Yes, you read that right! The dog was the most popular in our school. Kids love dogs, and more than half the students prefer dogs over all the other choices combined. They have nothing against all the other animals, but dogs are a kid’s best friend. We love to walk with them, play with them and confide in them. They are always there for us to make us feel good.

Allison Krieb and Mike MacKenzie’s sixth-grade class, Longwood Middle School, Middle Island