Kidsday reporters Cate Barczak and Payton Palumbo of Eastport Elementary School...

Kidsday reporters Cate Barczak and Payton Palumbo of Eastport Elementary School tried Protein Toppers from Vegetarian Traveler. Credit: George Marino

Our class got to try Protein Toppers by Vegetarian Traveler. This new product is meant to be a meal additive, which means it can  be a topping for any kind of food you can imagine, including salads, soups, cereal and yogurt. It comes in a single-serve, pocket-size package so it is easy to add to your lunch. The flavors were pepita and soy crisp, garbanzo and soy medley, and tri-soy medley.

The snacks felt flaky, hard, smooth and sandy. They also look dry, thin and small. Some people also thought they looked like beans and animal food. Most kids who tried the flavors said they tasted sour, salty, bland, sandy or fruity. When the kids bit into the Protein Toppers they said they sounded crunchy and were sometimes hard to bite into.

Some details about the Protein Toppers they liked were that they were salty, crunchy, healthy, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, and you can take them with you. Most kids liked them, but we think you should test them out first before getting a lot.

Some of the dislikes were that the Protein Toppers were dry and bland; some didn't like the odd tastes and flavors, or that they can’t be eaten alone. Some kids said they smelled like wood and cardboard.

George Marino’s sixth-grade class, Eastport Elementary School

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