Are you familiar with Red Robin? Perhaps you've seen commercials for it or perhaps you've visited one on vacation. If you haven't been to one, you need to put it on your bucket list! Recently we were invited to taste test Red Robin and critique its new menu.

The first thing we tried was the strawberry smoothie. Chances are you've all had some sort of smoothie in your life, but this was the best. It was the right amount of sweetness and tartness. The only problem was that it was so filled with strawberries, they kept getting stuck in the straw! When a kid orders a drink from the menu, it is bottomless. That means you can keep getting refills as many times as you like. That's bottomless, and awesome.

We were then given food to sample: carrots, apples and fruit salad, and different dips. All the sides were very healthy. For the main course, we tried the swirly twirly pasta; the lollipop meatballs; the Big Bark, Little Bites, which were honey-battered mini corn dogs; and steak fries. These too came with different dipping sauces. We are pretty much unanimous that the meatball lollipops were a favorite: bite-sized meatballs on thin breadsticks: meatball lollipops! We also really liked the steak fries.

But Red Robin isn't only about the food. It was a fun place to go because of the games at each table. There were chalkboards of different games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, make-a-face, connect four and the plates on which the food was served were really fun. We even liked the fun, decorative plates such as a dog with human eyes or an elephant on a skateboard. The kid menu featured famous monuments with silly additions. So even if you don't know you are learning, you are! Going to Red Robin was a lot of fun and very delicious.