General manager Tori D'Andrea, left, and district manager Norm Ginsberg,...

General manager Tori D'Andrea, left, and district manager Norm Ginsberg, right, with Kidsday reporters Raymond Cumella, Jackon Stollmack and Dante Salgado at Bowlero in Commack. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Bowlero in Commack is a good place for kids at any age. This fun bowling alley was renovated recently and it is not just about bowling. It has so much more.

We loved that every lane has a giant flat-screen TV and that there is great music playing all the time. We also love that the bowling pins glow different colors. When you’re bowling, some of your clothes can glow too. We liked that you don’t have to worry about keeping score; it is done automatically for you. When you get a strike or a spare, an animated pin does a cool dance on the screen where it has your name.

If you have had enough of bowling, there is even more to do. The arcade games that are all around the place are fun. At one arcade area there are games you can play to win tickets for cool prizes such as a Lego set or phone cases and other interesting items. There is also a Key Game where you can win a $50 iTunes card or headphones. We liked the skill games such as football, basketball and an agility bag game. If you are Pac-Man fan, their game is incredibly big and fun.

They have an assortment of foods and drinks just in case you become hungry or thirsty. It’s a place to hang out and to have fun with your friends and family.

We think it is a great after-school activity to do with your family and friends. You can have birthday parties there, too. It is why Bowlero is a great place for kids!

We met with district manager Norm Ginsberg and Tori D’Andrea, general manager of Bowlero, and they filled us in on all the great things about this place. They told us the main idea besides making this a great place to visit is to have fun. We did and we’re going to go back again!

Bowlero is located at 2183 Jericho Tpke., Commack. Call 631-499-7722. Online: