"Jack and the Geniuses at the Bottom of the World"...

"Jack and the Geniuses at the Bottom of the World" is about a boy drawn into a mystery in Antarctica. Credit: Amulet Books

I read the book “Jack and the Geniuses at the Bottom of the World,” by Bill Nye and Gregory Mone (Amulet). It is about three foster kids who were put together as siblings. Their names are Jack, Matt and Ava.

Matt and Ava are geniuses, and Jack is just a regular kid. Matt and Ava make a lot of inventions. One of them is Space Robots that go into space and test the air to measure the temperature. They meet another genius in town named Hank. He’s a lot older than Jack, Matt and Ava. One of his inventions is the nose vacuum, which will suck anything from your nose.

A few days later, Hank’s friend, Anna, who is a genius, is missing in Antarctica. It is up to Jack to find where Anna is. He finds out what happened and becomes a genius. He always thought he was just a regular kid, but then he becomes a famous genius in America.