Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

Major League Baseball has been thinking about changing the human judgment in baseball games. Umpires are like the referees of baseball. They call the game. They are not perfect and they have made big mistakes in the past. There are some fans and players who now think that umpires should be replaced by robots or computer systems so the perfect call can be made on balls and strikes.

MLB has been around for nearly 150 years. Umpires have always been used to call the games. MLB is on the verge of trying out a robotic umpire system and is using it in some of the minor leagues. This would make the calls more accurate and would be better for big games, like the World Series.

The way this would work is that the home plate umpires would be taken out of the game. The balls and strikes would be determined through the cameras and technology that track the strike zone. This would take place only in major league games, and not high school or college games.

In the major leagues today, there is already a strike zone displayed on screen to people watching on television. The strike zone displayed now does not call the balls and strikes, as that is still called by human umpires, but the strike zone display shows that the technology works, and it is possible that this is how baseball games can be played without many mistakes.

I think that there should not be robotic umpires because it would not be baseball if human umpires were removed. In my opinion, baseball fans do not want games being called by robots due to the fact that everyone loves the old-school games and the umpires’ calls are what make the game interesting. The Atlantic League, part of baseball’s minor leagues where the Long Island Ducks play, is now using a radar system to help umpires with balls and strikes, in an agreement with Major League Baseball.

Cherie Gisondi’s ninth-grade English class, Carle Place High School


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