Kidsday reporter Jayson Espinel  tested Rock Band 4.

Kidsday reporter Jayson Espinel tested Rock Band 4. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The Rock Band 4 Band-in-a-Box Bundle (PlayStation 4) has just been released for this holiday season. I needed my older brother and my mom to help me set up the drums and guitar and hook up the microphone. The instructions were a little difficult for me to do alone. It was exciting to unpack to see two guitars especially. Because with the two guitars, a microphone, and a drum set, you can really put together your own rock band and invite more friends.

The game took about 15 minutes to download onto the PS4 gaming system. This wasn’t too bad compared with other games, which can take an hour. I loved that you can create your own rock band name and musicians and even change their looks. There is a library of songs available to choose from and you can add more songs later on. The screen shows you which buttons or drums to hit while the song is playing, and it is your goal to stay with it. The closer you stay on target, the more points you get for your band. I liked this game and all the instruments and would have hours of fun with it. You can even play it alone and sing along if that’s all you want to do one day. If you are a fan of video games and rock and roll, this is for you.

Rating: 4.5 smiles

Ages: 10 and older (because of some music lyrics)