"The Secrets to Ruling School" by Neil Swaab gives tips...

"The Secrets to Ruling School" by Neil Swaab gives tips along with humor. Credit: Abrams Books

Want to rule your school? All you have to do is read “The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying),” by Neil Swaab (Abrams Books). It is exceedingly humorous, and gives you the tricks of the trade to deal with all the different factions in school, from the cool jocks to the smartest kids in class.

In the story you are the new kid and you “hire” a teenager named “Max Corrigan.” He is on a quest to make you the most popular person in school before the second week of school, but it’s harder than you think! He gives you plenty of tips so that you can skip class unnoticed and not have to participate in gym. He even tells you how to look and act tough! Also he tells you how to find the right table and how to permanently stay there. He is determined to make you one of the popular kids in school. But watch out for his nemesis Kevin Carl! Are you up for it?

RATING: 4 smiles