Do you like growing plants? Every year my dad and I grow fruits, vegetables and plants to sell at our farm stand. It's a lot of fun and I make a good amount of money doing it. We start in the winter and look in magazines to find the best seeds to purchase. We usually grow tomatoes, carrots, beets, purple potatoes, watermelons, cucumbers and eggplants. We plant the seeds in a very large garden. We also grow strawberries and raspberries, but the deer sometimes get to them first! Everything we grow is organic.

When the fruits and vegetables start to ripen, we pick them and bring them back to the house so we can sell them. I really enjoy doing this with my dad and I feel like I have my own job when I help out selling our harvest. I think it's a lot of fun learning about growing fruits and vegetables. I have even thought about becoming a farmer who donates half my crops to charity to help feed the needy, and keep the other half as my business.