I like the Pridwin Beach Hotel on Shelter Island because I can hang out with my family and friends. Many weekends and summers are spent with my cousins Seneca and Jem -- they're my best friends. We get to meet the staff from so many countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, England and Puerto Rico, to name some. We get to know a little about their cultures and their families. I also get to meet the guests. Over the years I start to recognize the guests, which is neat.

The property has so much to offer. We sometimes sit on the lawn reading, talking, watching boats. Other times we run around the property and spend time on "the rock," near the tennis courts. This is a very big rock nearly 6-feet tall and has a nice view of the bay. Last, the swimming pool and the dock are very fun places to go swimming to cool down.

My grandmother went to the hotel as a child. She continued to go every year until she was in her early 20s. She then married my grandfather and shortly after, he was looking for a business to buy to get out of New York City. He had a love for the water and my grandmother's family suggested he look at the Pridwin. It has now been 53 years that he has been operating the hotel. My father had the same experience that I am having now, but he lived on Shelter Island year-round.

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