What can capture a kid not only by mind but by heart?

Many people think diaries are silly, but in life they help people a lot. A recent scientific study showed that kids can express their feelings better in diaries.

Diaries are like secret admirers that will not judge a kid or make fun of them. A diary is like a friend who is there all the time for you, a BFF who will listen to all your secrets. A diary helps a kid think about emotions of all kinds so a kid can more clearly express their feelings in the future.

Diaries also help kids with their social interaction around new people because every new diary entry has a different feeling, just like having a new person in their life. When kids write in their diaries, they build the power of trust. By writing in a diary all the time, they start to get the feeling of trusting someone or something. That then becomes a habit, and they can be comfortable with different situations.

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