Are you hungry for more Hunger Games? If you are, than get ready for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," the sequel to "Hunger Games." We were lucky enough to go to an advanced screening of "Catching Fire" at the Bryant Park Hotel last week, and the movie had us at the edge of our seats!

Every scene was action-packed with the same great actors you grew to love in "Hunger Games." The movie was excellent, and the producers did an outstanding job bringing the book to life. This movie was just as entertaining as the book, if not more! If you liked the first movie (and who didn't?), we think you will like this one even more. The love triangle, the hope, the deception. This movie revolves around the Third Quarter Quell, where the victors from the past games compete against each other.

In the movie, Katniss wishes for her old life back. She wonders about life if she didn't volunteer for her sister, Prim. Would it be better or worse? Meanwhile, the Capitol (President Snow) is angry at Katniss. They want revenge for her threatening to kill herself in last year's games. So they force Katniss and Peeta to go back to the games, along with other victors from years ago. Katniss realizes that this time around, the Hunger Games are going to be worse than they ever were. She needs to train harder than ever if she is going to win. And this time she knows that only one person comes out, either her or Peeta. Whom will Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) trust? Will Katniss choose Gale (Liam Hemsworth) or Peeta (Josh Hutcherson)? Who will be chosen at the reaping? Will they seek revenge on the Capitol? Will the districts rebel? All this and more are jam-packed into "Catching Fire."

We left the movie wanting more, but if you plan on seeing it, it is probably best for those 13 years old and older.

Rating 4 (out of 5)

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