I read the book, "The Walk On," by John Feinstein (Knopf). It is about a freshman, Alex Myers, who is talented in sports. Alex starts football at Chester Heights High School, and, as much as he is talented in football, Coach Gordon never lets him play in games, and punishes him fiercely. Having better luck in school, especially with a girl named Christine Whitford, the school's newspaper reporter, he manages to keep his skills and mood up. After Matthew Gordon, the coach's son, receives an injury in Chester Heights' second game, Alex is able to play in that game. After he makes an amazing last-minute win, Coach Gordon starts to encourage Alex to play and win more. Alex is finally getting on line with Coach Gordon, but soon finds out that the coach isn't with him. This thrilling novel is great for anyone who loves football and a lot of action and a bit of mystery. This fantastic story wraps you into reading so much, you can't let go of the book.

I loved how the book had a perfect plot that fit into every idea that the book gave. I recommend to everyone to read this book if they want a nice meaty story to read.

Rating: 5