Kidsday reporters from Ronkonkoma with the new band Forever in...

Kidsday reporters from Ronkonkoma with the new band Forever in your Mind. Band members, from left, Liam Attridge, Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia. Kidsday reporters, from left, Jack Chaimowitz, Nicholas Marotta, Briana Cenci and Julia Jackson at the Sound Cloud Studios in Manhattan, May 26, 2016. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We took a trip into the city to meet Liam Attridge, Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia — the new band Forever in Your Mind. We met them at Sound Cloud studios in Manhattan, and then we each asked them several questions. They told us that when they were trying out for the TV show “The X Factor,” the producers gave them their band name. They are releasing their new EP in July. We found out that one of the band members, Liam, went to Connetquot School District, the same as us, which was very exciting! Emery is from Holbrook. Liam and Emery also performed at CM, a local theatre where Nicholas Marotta takes acting lesson.

We learned so much about them. Liam and Emery are cousins, Ricky is on “Best Friends Whenever” and he stars as Naldo Montoya on the Disney Channel. They all played instruments in school growing up — just like us! In the beginning we were all very nervous and excited and by the end we didn’t want to leave! The last question we asked was, “Are you going to sing a song for us today?” They said “yes!” and they sang us their new song, to be released in July, called “Hurricane.” The song was awesome and very catchy. We all feel they are going to make it big, and we are super excited that we were able to meet them and interview them. We can’t wait to go to one of their concerts. You can watch their first single on YouTube, just search Forever in Your Mind.