Kidsday reporters Eva Lam, left, Shannon Mahoney and Charlotte Webster, of...

Kidsday reporters Eva Lam, left, Shannon Mahoney and Charlotte Webster, of Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway, write their own books. Credit: Michelle Healy

We have a fantastic hobby we would love to tell you about. We have been writing books for the past two years. We don’t do it alone though, we do it with many of our close friends.

The main writers are Eva, Shannon, Charlotte, and last but not least our friend Julia. There is one main reason we mentioned Julia, because even when she broke her finger she still wrote. But everyone else contributes, too.

The first book that we ever wrote was called “Kitties in Candyland.” We have gone through many books since, including “Powermania” (which is three books) and “Celestian Academy.” Recently we started writing a new book called “The Elements.” We have much fun writing our books, and we hope to continue and publish our books.

“Kitties in Candyland” is about cats trapped in a Candyland who are then captured by this evil kitty in a dungeon. The kittens must find a way out of Candyland and save their beloved Prince and Princess Kitties.

“Powermania” is about a bunch of people who live on a magical planet and have magical powers. The leader of the bad side is Devil Dana, and she thinks of a master plan to take over Powermania with help from her three daughters, Flames, Icy and Lillyanna. They build a gadget, but they need just one more ingredient, the crystal. However, the good side has the crystal and has to stop the bad side from getting it before they take over the world. They find out a lot of surprising facts, including secret family members and other things.

“The Elements” is about a girl named Lexie, and she lives in a world where almost everyone has powers. But unfortunately the powers she has are categorized as unsafe. She will have to try to escape the camp she is forced to work and stay at. Along the way, she finds people and things in her way, but will she make it?

We’ll catch you in our next book, bye.

Michelle Healy’s Enterprise students, Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway