Kidsday reporter David Bailey in an inflated ball, also known...

Kidsday reporter David Bailey in an inflated ball, also known as a zorb ball. Credit: Bailey family

Did you ever wonder how a hamster feels rolling around in a giant plastic ball? Well, you can experience the same feeling! How?

I did it when I was visiting Howe Caverns in upstate New York and going in a zorb ball. A zorb ball is a gigantic inflatable plastic ball that you can go inside. The ball then gets pushed down a giant hill with you inside.

First, the ride operator puts a little bit of water inside the ball. This is to prevent you from rolling upside down in the ball. The water is ice cold. Second, you get in and sit in the water. Third, you start rolling down the hill in the giant ball and experience the most amazing ride you have ever been on. I literally screamed with excitement the whole way down. It was the best ride I ever went on.

Zorbing was a really fun experience and I suggest you do it, too. I had an enjoyable time riding down the hill and I bet you will, too.

Allison Krieb and Mike MacKenzie’s sixth-grade class, Longwood Middle School, Middle Island