Let’s begin at the end.

Not only did Betsey Johnson close her rollicking Monday night show – aptly named Le "detour" Betsey  – with her traditional cartwheel, she rode a bike down the runway.

The 68-year-old designer continues to produce one of the most entertaining shows of the week – this one broken out into a New York City bicycling map route starting in Brooklyn (these getups were accessorized with bike locks, wheels and helmets, and tough girl models sassed the photo corps) and finishing in Time Square, with puffy prom dresses in which to celebrate the new year.

In between was everything from hoochie wear (a transparent gown over a thong) to sweet, floral dresses to structured brass-button captain’s clothes.

A whole lotta fun, though Johnson, whose company is reportedly having financial difficulties, might want to consider styling with a sliiiightly more mainstream bent. Eh, never mind. We absolutely loved it.