Brooke Murphy, owner of Blade & Beauty salon in Wantagh.

Brooke Murphy, owner of Blade & Beauty salon in Wantagh. Credit: Blade & Beauty

A visit to a salon can do wonders with how you look and the way you feel about yourself.

Brooke Murphy, owner of the newly opened Blade & Beauty in Wantagh, specializes in two aspects of the beauty business, sculpting brows and brightening smiles.

Many of her customers are excited brides and grooms prepping for their weddings. “Being able to get them a beautiful smile for their big day gives them a great feeling,” says Murphy, 31, who built up a clientele working in dental offices and salons before launching her own business.

Blade & Beauty offers a menu of services including microblading and powder brows, which, like tattoos, use the application of pigment, and teeth whitening, which uses a bleaching gel and LED light. Other services cater to lips, lashes and body waxing.

Murphy attended Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute in Levittown, where she studied permanent makeup and waxing. She has certificates in teeth whitening and licenses in tattoos and waxing. 

“Microblading and powdered brows are my most popular services,” says Murphy. “Some clients come to me with overplucked brows that never grew back. Other clients are cancer survivors. It’s a confidence boost for everybody.”

The trend today is for full, natural-looking eyebrows, according to Murphy. “They frame your face,” she says. “They’re one of the first things people see when they look at you — like your smile.” 

“My clients who come for teeth whitening range from teenagers to people in their 80s,” she says.

There’s also a permanent jewelry counter ($75 and up) where Murphy fuses clasp-less bracelets onto customer’s wrists. “It’s a fun bonding experience,” says Murphy.

Murphy, who’s married with a 2-year-old daughter, says her two secrets to success are taking risks and staying involved with her community.

Services range from $18-$55 for waxing to $489 for 90-minute microblading sessions.

Blade & Beauty is located at 2241 Wantagh Ave., in Wantagh. Store hours vary, open seven days; 516-749-5546,

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