A few costume examples using free app Digital Dudz and...

A few costume examples using free app Digital Dudz and T-shirts for sale at digitaldudz.com. Credit: digitaldudz.com

Last Halloween, engineer Mark Rober took YouTube by storm when he came up with a costume that made it look like he had a gaping hole in his torso using two iPad 2s, FaceTime and duct tape.

For those who don't have two iPads at their disposal, this year he has come up with another original idea that only requires one iPhone or Android.

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Download free app Digital Dudz

Step 2: Pick your favorite animated video. There are spooky eyeballs, beating hearts, roaring flames, crystal balls revealing personalized photos and more.

Step 3: Create a shirt yourself that goes along with the video of your choice, or buy one of the T-shirts specially designed to match them at digitaldudz.com for $23.50.

Step 4: Cut a hole in the shirt and use duct tape to secure the iPhone inside with the screen pointing outward.

Step 5: Play the animation and watch other Halloween party guests squirm.