Dallas designer Lela Rose drew inspiration from the darkness and playfulness of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales at her Sunday morning show. Forests were conjured by way of abstract big plaids and a fitted woodcut jacquard seamed pieces. Ginger dot geometrics seemed plucked off a gingerbread house. A slim sheath trimmed in lace mimicked raven wings — oooh, wicked good.

The designer who is known for her perfectly fitted swanky party girl dresses (Jenna Bush, in the house, is a longtime client), added a bit of drama via volume — a perfect fuchsia silk drop shoulder coat over a feathered skirt, and speaking of feathers — a white organza feather confection .?.?. Snow White, it’s you.

At the end, a heroine’s ensemble of a pearl embellished a knitted tee over a pearl print long skirt .?.?. So right for meeting her prince.