Gabrielle Banschick, 30, of Great Neck, owns Penny Lane, a...

Gabrielle Banschick, 30, of Great Neck, owns Penny Lane, a new boutique in Huntington. Credit: Marta Banschick

You might hear live music from the 1960s to today playing when you walk into Penny Lane — a new women’s clothing store owned by Gabrielle Banschick, a former partner in the Penelope shop in Woodbury.

Penelope, named after Penelope Tree, an English model famous in the 1960s, was opened about 20 years ago by Banschick’s parents, Ira and Marta, and it offers mostly '60s and '70s-inspired fashions. Banschick says Penny Lane will be “Penelope’s hip little sister.”

The new, smaller store opened in August in Huntington. The price point is lower than that at Penelope.

“Penny Lane has always been in my ears and in my eyes,” says Banschick, quoting a line from the 1967 Beatles song, "Penny Lane." “As the sister store to Penelope, it was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make.” Despite being only 30 years old, the Great Neck resident has developed an affinity for all things '60s and '70s, and Banschick says that vibe will carry on at Penny Lane.

Live music played by one or two musicians will be brought in on occasion to entertain customers while they shop, and the fashion offerings as well as the atmosphere will always be “funky and fun,” Banschick says. And she’s confident the name, Penny Lane, will attract different age groups.

“Every person who I’ve told the name to has the same exuberant reaction,” Banschick says. “It’s like the name rings happy bells and means something to many generations — whether you love the Beatles or you loved Kate Hudson in 'Almost Famous.'”

Banschick says, ideally, the shop will be a place that feels super comfortable when you visit.

“We want the shop to be a place friends come hang out at,” Banschick says. “Our customer is the mother and daughter who like to shop together. It’s a woman or girl that likes to express her artistic side through her style.” She adds, “We’ll always carry the latest styles in denim, Saturday night tops and party dresses … and of course an array of band tees.”

And since, Banschick says, “Events are my favorite,” Penny Lane will have those too, including personal shopping parties and designer trunk shows.

Prices range from gifts that start at $20 to dresses and denim around $100.

Penny Lane is located at 340 W. Jericho Tpke. in Huntington and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.