A man choosing shoes during footwear shopping at shoe shop

A man choosing shoes during footwear shopping at shoe shop Credit: iStock/

Can't figure out what to buy dad or grandpa for Father's Day this year? Personalized online shopping destination Shop It To Me, which scouts sales from top retailers and designers across the web, has information that can help.

They've researched which brands their male members like best, and they've even sorted the brands by age group.

Calvin Klein, Levi's, Ralph Lauren, Armani and adidas fared well with men in almost every age group, but Nike was a standout. The athletic brand came in first for every age except men older than 60, with whom it ranked fourth.

According to Shop It To Me, those shopping for dads and grandpas ages 51 and older should look at Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Dockers and Tommy Hilfiger.

Both Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers ranked in the top 10 only for the older than 60 group. Dockers captured the top spot for men older than 60 and scored in the top 10 for men 51 to 60.

Tommy Hilfiger made the top 10 for men ages 51 and older.

For middle-aged dads, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Gap and Kenneth Cole are tops.

Hugo Boss ranked in the top 10 among men ages 31 to 60.

Both Banana Republic and Gap scored well with men younger than 50.

Kenneth Cole made the top 10 for ages 31 and older.

For young dads, shop Armani Exchange, Lacoste and Diesel.

Armani Exchange only appeared in the top 10 for men ages 20 and younger.

Lacoste is popular with guys younger than 20 up to age 40.

Diesel scored in the top 10 for ages 21 to 40.

When shoppers sign up to become Shop It To Me members, they select their favorites from more than 60 brands. They also input their preferences and sizes, and then Shop It To Me sends emails with custom picked online sales. To sign up, visit shopittome.com.

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