The sand from the Port Washington Sand Mines has a rich history. Sand was very important to New York City because it was used to build many of its skyscrapers.

Over the course of 100 years, more than 140 million yards of sand and gravel were delivered from Port Washington to New York City. For example, to help build the foundation for the World Trade Center, sand was sent from Long Island to Manhattan on barges.

The sand was discovered in 1865. The workers kept sending sand to New York City until 1985; the mines closed around 1990. It was the largest sand mine operation east of the Mississippi River.

Sandminers Monument Inc. honored these workers, their families, and the business that employed them with a monument along West Shore Road. This site was chosen because it contains one of the last surviving tunnels used during sand mining operations.

Sculptor Edward Jonas created statues of sand bank workmen atop the conveyor shaft tunnel opening. There is also an elaborate diorama showing an immigrant workman's hands pouring Cow Bay sand onto an exact building-by-building recreation of a 1930s lower Manhattan skyline. There is a visitor's center showing the sand mining era with maps, photos and stories.

Did you know that many immigrants came from Italy, Poland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia and Canada? Wages were $1.50 in 1910 for a 12-hour day. Many of their families continue to live in Port Washington.

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Book review: 'Lend a Hand'

"Lend a Hand" by Apryl Lundsten (American Girl) is all about helping those in need. The book advises if you have a friend who has cancer, you could write her a song, sing it at a mall and get money and donate it to her. There are many ways to help others, too.

Another suggestion would be making a poster that says "Don't Pollute." Remember this is all about lending a hand, teamwork and being thoughtful by helping those in need. Never forget about that. I would recommend this book to third-grade girls and up.

-- Kidsday Reporter Karen Kohama

Now that's funny

What did the window with the blinds say to the other window?

You can't see me.

-- Cristy Salguero

How does a turtle like to act?

Slow motion!

-- Lindsey Tiedemann