How would you feel if you had to root for a losing team? Probably bad. We root for the Mets, and they did not have a good year last year. They won 70 games and lost 92 - not a good record. We always wanted them to win, but they just couldn't do it enough. It was horrible, and we had to stop watching baseball. It was not a good season.

The other team we like are the Islanders. They were so bad that we were embarrassed to say anything. It felt horrible. They just kept losing one game after another. One day, a group of our friends was talking about a big win the Rangers got. They told us to watch the Rangers that night. We watched the Rangers play the Florida Panthers. Even though we love winning, we don't switch to a team just because they're winning. We did try another team to see how it felt to root for a winning team.

Now you know how it is to root for a losing team. Even though they are not the greatest, they are still our teams!

Sisters need to call a truce

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am a 10-year-old girl, and I fight with my sisters. It is not just screaming. Sometimes, they even threaten to hurt me. My dad says if we don't stop fighting, we will not be able to go to Canada for our summer vacation. No matter what they do, they make me angry. What should I do? Confused 101

DEAR CONFUSED 101: If you can't control your anger, you can forget about going to Canada! You have to be the one who stays calm. If your sisters see you are not getting upset, they may fight with you less. If it does get physical, you have to tell your dad. Try to become better friends with your sisters one at a time. Get along with them by compromising and doing things they like to do once in a while. Another thing to do is to see them less. Socialize with your friends more.

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am a 10-year-old boy. I really can't talk in front of my class. I can talk to my friends, but not to other people. Our teacher has us talking in front of the class all the time. Quiet Dude

DEAR QUIET DUDE: Many kids on this panel feel the same way. They think you should just try to stand in front of the room and talk only to your friends. Other kids think that the more you do it, the better you will feel, and it should get easier. You should try to be friends with everyone in your class, and then everyone you speak to will actually be your friend!

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