Both actors visited the Kent Animal Shelter and brought home...

Both actors visited the Kent Animal Shelter and brought home a furry companion. Credit: Adrian Grenier photo by AP/ Joel Ryan-Ralph Macchio photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

What do the Karate Kid and Vincent Chase have in common? More than you’d think, apparently.

Actor Ralph Macchio, who played the title role in “The Karate Kid” movie and its first two sequels, visited Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton with his wife, Phyllis, and family in tow; “Entourage’s” Adrian Grenier stopped by, as well – both in search of a furry friend.

The Macchios fell in love with a Yorkie named Oliver last month, and Grenier took a liking to a pup named Lolly back in November.

Oliver 's journey to his new home has not been an easy one: The adorable pup was one of six Yorkies brought to the shelter in poor condition and was in need of major medical care. "All six dogs' fur was severely matted down to their skin and some of them even had urine burns. A few of the dogs had been neutered. Once at Kent, the dogs were nursed back to health and prepared for adoption," according to

Lolly had a rough time pre-adoption, as well. She was on the critical list at a high-kill shelter in Texas before Grenier rescued her. The actor is widely known for his philanthropy and involvement in various environmental and social causes.

Kent Animal Shelter is a non-profit animal welfare society that provides a safe haven for abused and abandoned animals and strives to find them loving, caring homes.