Pan-fried pork-chive dumplings at 753 Dumpling House in Franklin Square.

Pan-fried pork-chive dumplings at 753 Dumpling House in Franklin Square. Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

More than two dozen dumplings headline the menu at Franklin Square’s new 753 Dumpling House — and that’s just a fraction of the offerings that also include related street foods such as buns, fried rice and noodles that are stir fried or served in soup.

The tidy shop takes over the soul-inflected fish eatery, TRYSeafood,, but the new owners left in place the hull-shaped counter at the back of the dining room.

Bonnie Jiang is one of four partners who have all operated restaurants in New York City. “We wanted to bring our home culture of food to Franklin Square,” she said.

The handmade dumplings include classic pork-chive, chicken-mushroom, vegetable, beef and the signature 753 House (shrimp, chive and egg) which are available steamed or pan fried. There are soup dumplings (pork, crab-pork, shrimp) and dim sum standards such as sticky rice in lotus leaf; shrimp, fish and pork shumai; spare ribs with pumpkin; buns filled with pork, egg custard and bean paste; crispy shrimp; fried chicken on a stick and crispy calamari.

This is a small-plates sort of place, but there is a roster of appetizers (scallion pancakes, spring rolls, spare ribs); vegetables; stir-fried egg or udon noodles or spicy dan dan noodles; plus five noodles soups. Noodles, soups and fried rice are all $14.95. Everything else on the menu is under $10.

Jiang and her partners came upon a solution to both the labor shortage and their potentially overwhelming number of offerings: The menu is a double-sided piece of paper and each item is listed next to a small circle — as with a standardized test. Customers simply note with a pencil what they would like and the menu is whisked off to the kitchen. You can also order through the website for pickup.

753 Dumpling House is at 753 Franklin Ave., Franklin Square, 516-887-1137,

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