Winners will be greeted by "Pilgrim Troy" on this 20-foot...

Winners will be greeted by "Pilgrim Troy" on this 20-foot boat filled with Blue Point beer. Credit: Blue Point Brewing Company

Know any do-gooders in your sphere of family and friends? You can now thank them with beer — 100 cases of it. Delivered by a boat on wheels by a guy dressed as Pilgrim Troy.

Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue is accepting nominations for any Long Islanders who deserve a thank you for any good deeds.

Yes, this is a real contest, just in time for Thanksgiving. To participate, turn to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or all three. Decide on your nominee and write the reason she or he deserves appreciation along with the hashtag #bluepointsgiving. All entries are due by Sunday.

On Monday morning, Blue Point Brewing staff will select four winners who will receive their boatload of beer on either Monday or Tuesday.

Winners, be prepared for that boat-on-wheels — 20 feet long and six feet wide — toting $3,000 worth of variety packs.

Blue Point Brewing Company, 161 River Ave., Patchogue; 844-272-2739,

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