Large, cozy circular booths offer seating in the middle of...

Large, cozy circular booths offer seating in the middle of the dining room at Hatch in Huntington. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Breakfast-centric Hatch is expanding into an exotic new concept: Dinner. Since it debuted in 2018, the Huntington eatery has served eggs, pancakes and more until 3 p.m. (4 p.m. on weekends) but starting this week, it will open from 5 to 10 p.m. for “Hatch after Dark” on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hatch’s evening menu has little overlap with the one served during the day, but the half-dozen chicken offerings will remind savvy diners that the proprietor, Lessing's Hospitality Group, also operates Lucky Clucker, the ghost kitchen that delivers birds around Babylon and Stony Brook.

From the chicken coop: Chicken tenders (Nashville hot or not) with Alabama white BBQ sauce and four dishes wherein fried chicken is sandwiched between waffles. "The American Dream” features chicken topped with bacon, Cheddar, jalapeño, caramelized onions and Cheddar-bacon-scallion waffles.Those same waffles bookend the “The Haymaker,” filled with chicken smoked Gouda mac ‘n’ cheese and bacon-onion jam.

Cheese-lovers your waffles have come in: “Kinda Cheesy” boasts a filling of Cheddar, Monterey Jack and smoked Gouda oozing out of Cheddar waffles.

The menu’s other category is “The Dog House,” dressing Wagyu franks with smoked brisket chili and Cheddar (“Chili Joel”) or mustard, relish, sweet onions, tomatoes, pickles and banana peppers (“Jumpman”), to name a few.

There are also a handful of less decadent bowls and salads and three over-the-top waffle-based desserts. Almost everything is less than $15.

Mimosas, coffee- and juice-inspired cocktails (“Cold Fashioned” with bourbon, cold brew and more; spiked pumpkin-pie latte, et. al) have always graced the menu, but now they are joined by five spiked chocolates and the “Therapy session,” a dose for the whole table consisting of Champagne, Earl Grey-infused vodka, pear liqueur, lemon juice and vanilla syrup. Beer and wine are also available.

Hatch is at 286 Main St., Huntington, 631-424-0780,

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