Lazy Lobster in East Rockaway has plenty of outdoor seating...

Lazy Lobster in East Rockaway has plenty of outdoor seating -- with heat lamps. Credit: Lazy Lobster

With a motto at the entrance that reads, “Eat, Drink, Get Lazy,” Lazy Lobster has been holding court in East Rockaway, a mostly outdoor place with a stand-alone beer garden and a food trailer decked out with marquee lights.

With a waterside view of Mill River and plenty of outdoor seating — assisted by heat lamps — the space will be open until around November. The design was shaped by Dallago Associates Inc., whose clients include Sufiya’s Grill in East Meadow and Merrick, Piecraft in Island Park and Trademark Taste & Grind in Manhattan.

Lazy Lobster offers appetizers such as seafood chowder, spicy fried shrimp, and empanadas for $7-$13, a selection of lobster rolls for market prices and fish tacos stuffed with lobster, tuna, chicken, pork or shrimp served as a trio for $13-$16.

Lazy Lobster is open from noon to 9 p.m. weekdays and until 10 p.m. weekends.

10 Front St., East Rockaway; 516-599-0135,

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