The MB Ramen, a classic tonkotsu broth with pork belly,...

The MB Ramen, a classic tonkotsu broth with pork belly, black mushroom, cucumber, black garlic oil, scallion, pickled ginger and soft egg. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Soup’s on in Port Washington: In May, MB Ramen opened just across from the Long Island Railroad station.

The new spot joins several other Japanese restaurants in the village, and is a carbon copy of the original MB Ramen noodle shop, which brothers Eric and Jason Machado opened on New York Avenue in Huntington in 2018.

At just 15 seats, the counter-service restaurant features graphic décor — “MB Ramen” is emblazoned on an interior wall, graffiti style, by a local artist who goes by “Poor Rupert.” And chef Jason Machado’s menu offers a spartan but appealing selection of that will be familiar to patrons of the original location.

Starters include blistery, thin-skinned dumplings stuffed with edamame or pork; crisp wings dressed in “sticky icky” sesame ginger sauce; and Japanese-style karaage fried chicken, served with spicy mayo and pickled veggies.

The shop’s namesake noodle bowl is a traditional take on tonkatsu ramen, with long-simmered pork broth, singed pork belly, shiitake mushrooms and a soy-marinated egg. Other options feature miso- and soy-based broths, and chile fans will appreciate the Chinese-ish dan dan noodles — no-broth sesame noodles topped with spicy ground pork, and their Japanese copycat, tan tan ramen, here presented with fried chicken and pickled veg.

Drinks include sake, beer and wine, and a few whiskies (“good, better, best,” Eric Machado said) for sipping. Soon, Machado added, visitors will be able to tip back fruity bottled cocktails styled after the “nutcrackers” sold on City boardwalks and beaches.

“We’re playing around with that now,” he said, explaining that the drinks fit with the shop’s overall mission of providing patrons a laid-back good time.

MB Ramen is at 57 Main St., Port Washington. Opening hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, 516-690-8166,

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