Smusht in Port Washington specializes in ice cream sandwiches where...

Smusht in Port Washington specializes in ice cream sandwiches where the homemade ice cream is "smushed" between homemade cookies. Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

For decades, Steve Edelson had a vision for a shop where homemade ice cream would be smushed (smusht!) between homemade cookies and then rolled in the topping (siding?) of your choice. In May, that vision became a reality as Smusht opened on Main Street in Port Washington.

Edelson had no experience making ice cream or cookies — he owned a surgical supply company that kept him busy. But after he sold the business in 2018, his wife suggested that he either start making ice cream sandwiches or stop talking about it. And so, in the summer of 2020, he launched Smusht from his home, making ice cream sandwiches for pickup and catering. Maybe it was the pandemic or maybe it was because it turned out Edelson had a knack for frozen treats, but the business took off and, before too long, he was looking for a storefront.

It took a few years to perfect “the eating experience."

"I had to consider the diameter of the cookie, the size of the scoop of ice cream,” he said. “If the cookie was too thick, once it was frozen you couldn’t bite into it.”

The first iteration of Smusht sandwiches were frozen and wrapped in colorful paper. These quickie treats are still available at the new store, but the main event is customizing a sandwich by picking your cookie (chocolate chip, funfetti, snickerdoodle or M & M's), your ice cream (more than 20 flavors, including Aztec chocolate, strawberry flan cocho, peanut butter and jelly ring, blueberry, Thin Mint and dulce de leche) and then whatever chip / sprinkles / crumbs / nuts you’d like pressed around the sides. There are always some vegan cookies and vegan ice creams on hand.

The sandwiches (and Smusht’s mini, regular or waffle cones) are the ultimate walk-around treats, but you can also sit down with them in the bright shop, which has a handful of tables and a separate dining / party room upstairs. Drip Southdown coffee is also available.

Smusht, 158 Main St., Port Washington; open Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 9 p.m., until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; 516-234-0580,

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