The chocolate truffles at Twizzles Tasty Treats in Valley Stream...

The chocolate truffles at Twizzles Tasty Treats in Valley Stream are handmade. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

Tracie Schaeffer’s confectionary career started with an ill-fated romance. Sixteen Valentine’s Days ago, she tried to impress a boyfriend with homemade chocolate truffles. The recipe made 100, and after she presented him with the five nicest ones, she shared the rest with family and friends. Ultimately, the relationship fizzled, but her loved ones kept clamoring for more truffles and, over the years, she progressed from amateur chocolatier to owner of her own company, Twizzles Tasty Treats, which sold truffles via mail order and at fairs and expos.

In November, Schaeffer took the leap into retail, opening in the neat little Valley Stream storefront previously occupied by The Bold Chocolatier. There, in humidity-controlled cases, you’ll find more than a dozen varieties of truffles.

“Dark raspberry started it all,” Schaeffer said. She likes to double and triple down on flavor, and these truffles are made with dark chocolate, raspberry extract, raspberry filling and rolled in red sugar. A new creation, the fig truffle, is made with fig extract and jam and is given a final roll in honey crystals. Other flavors include triple chocolate, salted caramel, coconut, peanut butter, Mexican chocolate and apple pie. On any given day there are about half a dozen vegan truffles available.

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of truffles into her career, Schaeffer pondered what it was about them that captured her heart. “I think it’s the motion of making them,” she said. Rolling the ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream) between the palms of her hand to make a perfect sphere is, she said, “a form of meditation.”

Luckily, her friend (and sales manager) Dana Scaccalossi grooves on the operation that precedes the rolling: using a pastry bag to “pipe” out equal-sized lumps of ganache. “She loves to pipe, I love to roll. We’re a great team.”

The smallest order at Twizzles is four truffles for $6. A dozen costs $16; 24 for $30.

Twizzles Tasty Treats is at 143 S. Franklin Ave., Valley Stream, 516-887-3647,

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