Tony Della, 66, walks around Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace in Port...

Tony Della, 66, walks around Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace in Port Jefferson Station as he sings rendititions of old standards and throwing in some new on Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. Credit: Randee Daddona

I especially loved your feature on Tony Della (Act 2, "Supermarket serenade," March 29). I cannot tell you how many times I have mamboed toward the mozzarella and waltzed over to the watermelon to his dulcet crooning at the Smithtown store.

I must confess, I fall a little bit in love each time I push my shopping cart around Uncle G's to his melodic offerings. On one particularly memorable visit, while I swayed to those sounds in the meat section, a portly, aproned butcher came out from behind the counter and stood wordlessly before me in the gentleman's dance position. I left my gathered goodies for a go-round with him and when the song ended, still without speaking, he gave me a courtly bow and all returned to normal. It was like a flash gathering of two.

Ah, youthful musical memories!

Rosanna Dev,


In January 1987, my wife, Joan, obtained a vanity license plate with JJJJJJJ to reflect the first initial of her given name. I became curious as to whether New York State would issue a plate with OOOOOOO, the letters of the alphabet.

I was surprised when I was informed the special plate was available, and I have renewed this plate every year since 1987. On Jan. 14, 1996, almost 20 years ago, Newsday published a short article about my OOOOOOO license plate.

Don Brehm of Greenport says he's gotten pulled over numerous...

Don Brehm of Greenport says he's gotten pulled over numerous times because police records link his license plate to stolen cars. Credit: Don Brehm

We’ve been stopped several times by the police because their computer indicates the plates belong to a stolen car. After one stop in 2013 by a Southold Police Department officer, he wrote an incident report that stated he “advised Brehn that due to the rare plate he had it was going to be a persistent problem, and should change his plate.”
I did not follow the recommendation to surrender my plate.

Don Brehm,

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