Cole Hennessy shows  off his Skylanders game.

Cole Hennessy shows off his Skylanders game. Credit: Therese O’Loughlin

Greetings portal masters! My name is Cole and I will tell you about the Skylanders. The first Skylanders game is Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. The starter pack comes with Spyro and Trigger Happy (both Skylanders), the portal, the disc and the instructions. As you start you will meet the greatest portal master in Skylands, Master Eon. Master Eon is in the first scene when you start the game. The core of light illuminates the realm of Skylands. You will meet Eon’s assistant, Hugo. But there is a major super villain, Koas. He destroyed the core of light. But his goal is to get Skylands for himself. It’s up to you to save Skyland and rebuild the core of light. But you might be thinking, how are we going to rebuild the core of light? By collecting the Internet sources and other things, that is! Every chapter has a goal. There are eight elements: air, life, undead, Earth, fire, water, magic and tech. There are things you can get in each chapter and those things are soul gems, legendary treasures, treasure chests, story scrolls, and winged sapphires. After you collect all the sources and you get through Koas’ defenses, it’s a head-to-head boss fight with Master Koas. Believe it or not, he has a mechanical suit and he will try to crush you! But, if you manage to defeat him, good job and farewell. Good luck!