The long-running legal battle between celebrity dad Michael Lohan and his ex-girlfriend finally is coming to a close.

After more than a year of tit-for-tat allegations of harassment and court-order violations between Lohan and Erin Muller, the last of the pending charges against Lohan were dismissed Tuesday in First District Court in Central Islip.

And with that, Muller, 35, of Medford, said it was time for the former couple to move on after a bitter and prolonged breakup.

A statement placed in the court minutes said, "The complainant [Muller] would like it noted on the record that she does not want any type of contact between her and the defendant [Lohan] so that they can both move forward with their lives."

Lohan, 49, of Southampton, father of actress Lindsay Lohan, has moved on. He announced earlier this month that he plans to marry his new squeeze, former tabloid reporter Kate Major, 27.

After talks between attorneys for Michael Lohan and Muller, Suffolk prosecutors agreed Tuesday to dismiss harassment, aggravated harassment and criminal contempt charges against him. Those stemmed from three incidents dating back to March 2009, in which Lohan allegedly made a threatening phone call to Muller or violated orders of protection she had taken out against him.

A criminal contempt charge against Lohan in Nassau County was tossed out last week.

"The reality is that all of Michael's criminal charges have been dismissed outright," Lohan's attorney, Randy Zelin of Westbury, said Wednesday. "He is out of the criminal justice system."

Earlier this year, Lohan agreed to a deal in Southampton Village Justice Court in which harassment and contempt charges against Muller will be dropped if she stays out of legal trouble for a year.

In Nassau, an order of protection bars Muller from contacting Lohan. Zelin has asked Nassau District Judge Rhonda Fischer to lift that order.

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