Air conditioning would be installed in all classrooms in the...

Air conditioning would be installed in all classrooms in the Elmont district, including at Dutch Broadway Elementary School, if a bond proposal passes on Tuesday. Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Residents of the Elmont school district will vote on a $52 million bond proposal Tuesday that provides funding for classroom upgrades, the installation of new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and other items.

If approved, the bond — projected to cost homeowners around $40 a year — also would be used to improve security in the elementary district’s six school buildings. Air conditioning would be installed in all classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums and auditoriums.

The state Department of Health, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, had recommended that schools improve indoor air quality by increasing outdoor air delivery to buildings and removing particulates/viral particles from the air to the greatest extent possible.

Additionally, the bond includes funding to remove fuel burners and boilers, radiators and asbestos.

Elmont enrolls about 3,300 students and serves children from prekindergarten through sixth grade.

"This bond provides a significant opportunity to make an important investment in our schools," Superintendent Kenneth Rosner said in a statement. "Keeping our schools updated to the new standards and codes while keeping budget costs at a minimum will continue to increase the values of homes in the district."

Of the $52 million, the district said it would receive a 71.3% reimbursement in New York State aid, reducing the cost on taxpayers to $15.6 million. The annual cost for the average homeowner is estimated at $40.03, or $3.34 per month, the district said.

Over the past two decades, the district has removed 90% of materials containing asbestos in the six school buildings, officials said. The bond will include the removal of the remaining 10%, and modernize all classrooms, reconstruct student restrooms, and meet handicap accessibility, energy codes and lighting standards.

The bond calls for security upgrades such as secured main entrances in each building, with bulletproof glass, automatic door releases and a secured security guard booth. Digital security cameras would be installed in each school.

The vote is scheduled for 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at Alden Terrace, Clara H. Carlson, Covert Avenue, Dutch Broadway, Gotham Avenue, Stewart Manor and the Elmont Road administrative building.

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