You can spot this famous 231-foot structure from miles away....

You can spot this famous 231-foot structure from miles away. Affectionately referred to as "the pencil," this tower was modeled after the campanile of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. Despite its name, many Long Islanders don't know that this water tower stores a steel cylinder that supplies 300,000 gallons of fresh water to facilities throughout the park, including all of the beach's swimming pools, restrooms, water fountains and the U.S. Coast Guard station. Since it was erected in 1930, the tower has been off limits to the public. Credit: Newsday / Daniel Goodrich

In order to pursue his vision of creating a getaway for the middle class, Robert Moses transformed bleak swampland into a splendrous park system.

Jones Beach State Park, which opened in 1929, served as the forefront of his dream. Today, the park stretches across nearly seven miles and receives six to eight million visitors each year.

Yet no matter how many times you’ve soaked up the sun or strolled along the boardwalk of this iconic park, there are probably still things you didn’t know about Jones Beach.

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