Nassau police were at the scene in Elmont on Thursday...

Nassau police were at the scene in Elmont on Thursday night, March 8, 2018, where authorities said a dog mauled a child who is in critical condition at a hospital. Credit: Howard Schnapp

A 2-month-old boy was mauled by a pit bull and his mother bitten Thursday in the front yard of their Elmont home, Nassau police said.

The mother, 36, was carrying the infant in a car seat when she knocked on the upstairs apartment door of the home on 117th Avenue, where the dog and another pit bull lived with the landlady, Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun said at the scene.

“As soon as the occupant of the residence opened the door, the two pit bulls rushed out of the door,” LeBrun told reporters at the scene Thursday night. “One pit bull is a 4-year-old male. That pit bull now attacked the mother, inflicting a very, very serious leg wound. The pit bull then went to the 2-month-old child, who’s in that baby seat, and did bite that child in the head and facial area.”

The baby was in critical condition Thursday night at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, a hospital spokesman said.

LeBrun said the child, who had a cranial injury, was undergoing surgery Thursday night, and the mother was also rushed to a hospital for bites to both legs.

Three workers doing home renovations next door ran to help during the attack, LeBrun said, and one of them punched the dog in the face and pulled the animal off the child.

One of the workers, a 41-year-old man, placed the mother and infant in a vehicle for safety, police said in a news release.

The dog in the attack, a white and brown pit bull, was taken to the Hempstead Town animal shelter, along with the other dog, a black and white 3-year-old, LeBrun said. The 3-year-old pit bull did not attack the mother and infant, LeBrun said.

The attack occurred at 11:55 a.m. Thursday, said police, who did not identify the mother.

Detectives were interviewing the home’s occupants and neighbors and will look into whether the dogs have a record of attacks, police said.

Neighbor Hassan Mahmood said the dogs’ owner walks them early in the morning or late at night when there aren’t many people around. Mahmood said he’s fearful of the dogs because they go “absolutely nuts” when they see people and other pets.

“When they see somebody, they just go nuts,” Mahmood said. “I don’t get out of the car when I see them.”

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