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Privacy booths are loaded onto a moving truck on Oct. 28, 2010. Credit: Newsday/Audrey C. Tiernan

Nassau County voters will head to the polls Tuesday in races for county district attorney and numerous local legislative and judicial candidates with issues including taxes and the opioid and gang crises prominent among their concerns.

In all, Nassau has 120 candidates vying for 60 positions in county and town government, and for the judiciary.

Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas, a Democrat, is seeking a second term against Republican attorney Francis X. McQuade.

Singas, 53, a Democrat from Manhasset running for her second, four-year term as the county's top prosecutor, highlighted her recent record as well as her 28-year career in law enforcement, including opening Nassau's special crimes unit and founding the domestic violence bureau in Queens County.

McQuade, 65, a Long Beach attorney in private practice, said his professional experience as a police officer, his theology degree and years as a Roman Catholic priest and his work as a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer make him well-suited for the job.

Political observers also are closely watching the supervisor's race in Hempstead Town, where Democratic incumbent Laura Gillen is vying for a second term against town Tax Receiver Donald Clavin, a Republican.

Also, Hempstead Town Clerk Sylvia Cabana, a Democrat, is running for reelection against former Hempstead Supervisor and Town Clerk Kate Murray. Diane Madden is the Libertarian candidate for supervisor.

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In Oyster Bay, Republican Supervisor Joseph Saladino faces a challenge from Town Clerk James Altadonna, a longtime Republican and former Massapequa Park mayor running on the Democratic line.

Also, control of the Nassau County Legislature is at stake Tuesday. Republicans hold an 11-8 majority.

Craig Burnett, an associate professor of political science at Hofstra University, said Nassau legislative races are “probably going to be about how people feel about their [property] reassessment. Do they think the process is fair? Are they happy with their reassessment?”

Following are the races in Nassau:


District Attorney (Vote for 1)

  • Madeline Singas (D, C, WFP)
  • Francis X. McQuade (R, L, Tax Revolt)

Nassau County Legislator (Vote for 1)

1st District

  • Kevan M. Abrahams (D, WFP)
  • Cherice P. Vanderhall (R, C)

2nd District

  • Siela A. Bynoe (D, WFP)
  • Gerilyn S. Wright (R)

3rd District

  • Carrié Solages (D, I)
  • Nathan Wein (R)

4th District

  • Jeffrey P. Saxon (D, WFP)
  • Denise A. Ford (R, C, I)

5th District

  • Debra S. Mulé (D, WFP)
  • Daniel A. Salamone (R, C)

6th District

  • Laura J. Burns (D, WFP)
  • C. William Gaylor (R, C, I)

7th District

  • Debra Siegel (D, WFP)
  • Howard J. Kopel (R, C, I)

8th District 

  • Barbara J. Hafner (D, WFP)
  • Vincent T. Muscarella (R, C, I)

9th District 

  • Mal S. Nathan (D, WFP)
  • Richard J. Nicolello (R, C, I)

10th District

  • Ellen W. Birnbaum (D, WFP, I)
  • Helene Sherman (R, C)

11th District 

  • Delia M. DeRiggi-Whitton (D, C, WFP, I)
  • James M. Greenberg (R)
  • Blay Tarnoff (L)

12th District

  • Michael S. Pesce (D, WFP)
  • James D. Kennedy (R, C, I)

13th District

  • Jennifer S. Rosenkrantz (D, WFP)
  • Thomas McKevitt (R, C, I)
  • Jake Gutowitz (L)

14th District

  • Michael J. Maloney (D, WFP)
  • Laura M. Schaefer (R, C, I)

15th District

  • Frances A. Avnet (D)
  • John Ferretti (R, C, I, TR)
  • Jonathan Gunther (L)

16th District

  • Arnold W. Drucker (D, WFP)
  • Jennifer L. Garber (R, C)

17th District 

  • Allen F. Foley (D, WFP)
  • Rose Marie Walker (R, C, I)

18th District

  • Joshua Alexander Lafazan (D, C, WFP, I)
  • Timothy Jenks (R)

19th District

  • Jill L. Levine (D, WFP)
  • Steven D. Rhoads (R, C, I)

Nassau County Court Judge (Vote for 1)

  • Meryl J. Berkowitz (D, R, C, I, TR)

District Court Judge, 2nd District (Vote for 2)

  • Gary M. Carlton (D, R, C, I, TR)
  • Joy M. Watson (D, R, C, I, TR)

District Court Judge, 3rd District (Vote for 3)

  • Erica L. Prager (D, R, C, I)
  • David Goodsell (D, R, C, I)
  • Karen L. Moroney (D, R, C, I)

District Court Judge, 4th District (Vote for 1)

  • Rhonda Erin Fischer (D, R, C, I, TR)


Mayor (Vote for 1)

  • Timothy J. Tenke (D, WFP)
  • Reggie Spinello (R, C, I)

Council Member (Vote for 6)

  • Marsha F. Silverman (D, WFP|)
  • John L. Perrone (D)
  • Rocco A. Totino (D, WFP)
  • Danielle Fugazy Scagliola (D, WFP)
  • Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews (D, WFP)
  • Eve Lupenko-Ferrante (D, WFP)
  • Pamela D. Panzenbeck (R, C, I)
  • Nicholas A. DiLeo, Jr. (R, C, I)
  • Joseph Capobianco (R, C, I)
  • Donna M. McNaughton (R, C, I)
  • Kevin P. Maccarone (R, C, I)
  • Kenneth E. Pilla (R, C, I)
  • Stephen A. Suozzi (GCV)


Supervisor (Vote for 1)

  • Laura A. Gillen (D, WFP)
  • Donald X. Clavin Jr. (R, C, I, TR)
  • Diane Madden (L)

Council Member (Vote for 1)

2nd District

  • Thomas J. Tweedy (D, WFP)
  • Thomas E. Muscarella. (R, C, I)

3rd District 

  • Shari Renne James (D, WFP)
  • Bruce A. Blakeman (R, C, I)

5th District

  • Lora J. Webster, (D, WFP)
  • Christopher Carini (R, C, I, TR)

Town Clerk (Vote for 1)

  • Sylvia A. Cabana (D, WFP)
  • Kate Murray (R, C, I, TR)

Receiver of Taxes (Vote for 1)

  • Chandra M. Ortiz (D, WFP)
  • Jeanine C. Driscoll (R, C, I, TR)


Council Member (Vote for 3)

  • Ronald Paganini (D)
  • Elizabeth Treston (D)
  • Karen McInnis (D)
  • Anissa D. Moore (R, C, I)
  • Michael A. Delury (R, C, I)
  • Lauren M. Doddato-Goldman (R, C, I)
  • James E. Mulvaney (WFP)
  • Anthony P. Eramo (WFP
  • Chumi Diamond (WFP)


Supervisor (Vote for 1)

  • Judi R. Bosworth (D, WFP, I)
  • David P. Redmond (R, C, L)

Council Member (Vote for 1)

2nd District 

  • Peter J. Zuckerman (D, WFP, I)
  • Ragini Srivastava (R, C)
  • Cassandra J. Lems (G)

4th District

  • Veronica Lurvey (D, WFP, I)
  • David Yaudoon Chiang (R, C)

6th District 

  • Mariann Dalimonte (D, WFP)
  • Dina M. De Giorgio (R, C, I)
  • Gary L. Donoyan (L)

Receiver of Taxes (Vote for 1)

  • Charles E. Berman (D, WFP, I)
  • Ron Rochester (R, C)


Supervisor (Vote for 1)

  • James Altadonna Jr., (D, WFP)
  • Joseph S. Saladino (R, C, I, TR)

Council Member (Vote for 3)

  • Melissa Ann McCardle (D, WFP)
  • Erin M. Guida (D, WFP)
  • Ned Newhouse (D, WFP)
  • Steven L. Labriola (R, C, I, TR)
  • Laura L. Maier, (R, C, I, TR)
  • Vicki A. Walsh (R, C, I, TR)
  • Howard Rabin (L)

Town Clerk (Vote for 1)

  • Rachel Klein (D, WFP)
  • Richard L. LaMarca (R, C, I, TR)

Receiver of Taxes (Vote for 1)

  • George H. Hignell (D, WFP)
  • Jeffrey P. Pravato (R, C, I, TR)


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