A judge sentenced a Bloods gang member to 10 years in prison for illegal handgun possession in July, Nassau prosecutors said.

The jury took 15 minutes to convict Anthony Trimble, 23, of Hempstead, at his trial on Nov. 17. On Thursday morning, state Court of Claims Judge Philip Grella sentenced Trimble, who prosecutors said is a known gang member, to 10 years in prison, with 5 years of supervision.

The handgun incident took place on July 1, 2014, on a Hempstead street. Plainclothes Hempstead detectives observed Trimble walking along Terrace Avenue at about 7:40 p.m. with what appeared to be the outline of gun in his shorts pocket.

Trimble ran when the officers approached, officials said, and one of the detectives said he saw Trimble throw something over a fence in the backyard of a home on Ryan Court. The detective said he retrieved a small black Beretta .25 caliber pistol from the yard.

Officials said there were five rounds in the magazine and one round in the gun’s chamber. Trimble was charged with second degree criminal possession of a weapon, a C violent felony, and officials said he also had another open case against him.

“Gang activity is far too prevalent in Nassau County, and thankfully this dangerous gang member will now be off our streets,” acting Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said in a statement Thursday.

Trimble’s attorney, Mineola-based Joshua Kahn, said his client respects the judge’s decision and plans to file a notice of appeal.

“I requested the minimum from the judge,” Kahn said. “He sat through the entire trial and based on what he heard, decided 10 years was the correct sentence. We respect his ruling.”

A woman who identified herself as Trimble’s mother, however, said in a phone interview her son was unfairly pinned with the crime.

“They’ve given him 10 years when the gun wasn’t even on him,” she said. “The gun was in a known criminal area. It was in a drug-infested area, where violence is known.”

She also denied that he was involved in gang activity. Court records indicate that Trimble did not have prior convictions.

“It was his word against the cop,” she said. “How was he going to win?”

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