Lido Golf Club will reopen on June 18, 2017. Above,...

Lido Golf Club will reopen on June 18, 2017. Above, a view of the golf course in 2009. Credit: John Dunn

A Nassau County Supreme Court judge has ruled that Hempstead Town officials can take control of the Lido Golf Club on Saturday.

Judge Timothy S. Driscoll denied a request for a temporary restraining order from the current golf course operators, Double Eagle Golf.

Driscoll ruled that the town has the authority to resume control at the end of Double Eagle’s contract, which expires Saturday.

Double Eagle’s attorney had argued last week that they were owed about half of $1.5 million in repairs following superstorm Sandy. The town did not cover any repairs following the 2012 storm, but had instead waived nearly $800,000 in licensing fees to operate the golf course.

Hempstead Town attorneys contended that Double Eagle failed to make $2.1 million in capital improvements since they took control of the golf course 20 years ago.

Double Eagle’s Jericho-based attorney Joshua Hecht said that Double Eagle bonded out repairs when they took control of the course in 1997 and continued upkeep on the golf course for the next 20 years after their contract with the town was twice renewed.

The Town ordered payment of $362,911 in February for back payment of licensing fees. The town then closed outside bids.

“At no point during Double Eagle’s 20-year tenure, did the town send any correspondence indicating anything less than their satisfaction with their performance,” Hecht said.

The court also ruled that Double Eagle will not suffer any damages because the town ordered the golf course not to schedule any events after the contract expires.

Hempstead Town officials said the golf course will close for about two weeks while the town takes over and it is expected to reopen June 18 to host charity events.

The judge suggested patrons dissatisfied with the town’s golf course operation to “seek redress through the political process, or by perhaps filing an appropriate legal action.”

The next preliminary conference on the case is scheduled for June 23.

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