County Executive Ed Mangano is expected to sign an agreement Monday giving Nassau possession of a 105-year-old, 5.2-acre vegetable farm in Malverne village.

The $6.538-million purchase of Grossmann's Farm is part of previous County Executive Thomas Suozzi's and the county legislature's land preservation efforts through an environmental bond law.

But Mangano said the previous administration came up short.

"After several false starts under the prior administration, it is my pleasure to preserve this working farm in the Village of Malverne," he said. "My administration will continue to preserve every last inch of open space possible in Nassau County."

Suozzi, who works for Cablevision, Newsday's owner, said he had no comment.

With Monday's closing, Grossmann's will become the third family vegetable farm the county either has bought outright or has acquired the right to develop under the 2004 and 2006 Environmental Bond Acts. The others are Fruggie's Farm in East Meadow and Meyer's Farm in Woodbury.

The Malverne farm, in the northern end of the village where Hempstead and Ocean avenues meet, is really 5.8 acres, but has been divided into three sections, with the family retaining 0.2 acre and the village given an 0.4-acre parcel gratis.

The property will be supported by members who buy shares in the crops in exchange for part of the organic produce. It will be managed by Nassau Land Trust, a nonprofit organization.

It will also offer a wide range of educational programs, including allowing children and families to experience the farm in a hands-on setting.

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