Drivers beware.

Starting Monday and lasting until May 9, the Nassau County police department will conduct a crackdown on aggressive driving throughout the county, as officers strive to remind drivers to obey the rules of the road and to have regard for those sharing the road.

"Aggressive driving will not be tolerated here in Nassau County," police commissioner Lawrence W. Mulvey said in a prepared statement.

The crackdown will encompass a host of moving violations, among them: unreasonable speed, passing a red light, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, failure to signal a lane change, unsafe passing, failure to yield right of way and failure to obey traffic control devices.

As Mulvey noted in his statement: "An aggressive driver operates his [or her] vehicle in a deliberate, selfish, bold or pushy manner which is likely to increase the risk of collision and is motivated by impatience, annoyance, hostility or an attempt to save time. He [or she] has low regard for rights and safety of other users of the streets and highways."

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