On Friday, August 4, 2017, Atlantic Marine Conservation Society received...

On Friday, August 4, 2017, Atlantic Marine Conservation Society received reports of two deceased dolphins in Southampton, NY from the public. The two dolphins were male bottlenose dolphins. Credit: Atlantic Marine Conservation Soc

Two deceased male bottlenose dolphins were found late Friday afternoon on Southampton beaches, the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society said.

Necropsies were conducted at the beach, and samples were taken to determine whether they might have stranded because they were suffering from diseases or biotoxins, the nonprofit said in a statement Saturday.

Both dolphins seemed to be in “good body condition,” though missing their flukes, AMCS said.

The two dolphins were both just under five feet long, though conservation scientists could not definitively determine their length, weight and age because of the missing flukes.

One had washed up a quarter mile east of Old Town Road; the other was a quarter of a mile west of Flying Point Road.

“Marine mammal sighting and stranding reports are of great importance to AMCS’s work, and allows them to conduct valuable research that helps the organization to promote conservation of the marine environment,” the group’s statement said.

It asked people to report sightings to AMCS online at www.amseas.org/report-a-sighting.

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