A view of downtown Amityville. (June 5, 2011)

A view of downtown Amityville. (June 5, 2011) Credit: Alexi Knock

Ticket scofflaws in Amityville may soon face the "boot" on their vehicles.

Trustees have scheduled an April 27 public hearing for a law authorizing village police to use the devices to immobilize any vehicle with three or more outstanding summonses, warrants or any unpaid fines.

Scofflaws will have to clear their debt and pay an additional fee of $250 to recover the vehicle.

"We have well over 4,000 tickets sitting out there, and this may help that," trustee Kevin Smith said Monday night before a 5-0 vote scheduling the hearing.

Police are currently only permitted to boot vehicles when drivers are caught in the act of moving or parking violations.

Trustees discussed the possibility of a 30-day grace period before the law takes effect, but took no action on that provision.

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