Philip Berdolt, left, was deputy commissioner of Suffolk County's Department of Public...

Philip Berdolt, left, was deputy commissioner of Suffolk County's Department of Public Works, and Paul Margiotta is executive director of the county's Traffic and Parking Violation Bureau. Credit: Newsday

Two Suffolk County officials who once worked for the Town of Babylon are moving back into prominent positions in the town.

Phil Berdolt, who was deputy commissioner of the Department of Public Works for the county, will become a deputy commissioner for Babylon’s Department of Public Works and will head up buildings and grounds. Berdolt, who had previously served as Suffolk parks commissioner, was earning $176,332 with the county, according to county spokeswoman Marykate Guilfoyle.

Berdolt was first hired by Babylon in 2003 when County Executive Steve Bellone was town supervisor. He was made commissioner of public works in 2006 but followed Bellone when he took county office in 2012. Berdolt, who over the years has worked part time in the summer as a bay constable for the town, will be making $149,519 in his new role said town spokesman Kevin Bonner.

The town has also promoted Berdolt’s wife, Kelly, who was hired in 2019 for the town attorney’s office and will be an administrative manager for the town’s new adjudication bureau with a salary bump from $60,136 to $95,531.

Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer said he expects many retirements at the end of the year in buildings and grounds and Phil Berdolt’s experience will help in assessing department needs.

“He literally knows our operation, our philosophy and I couldn’t think of a better person to fill that role than him,” Schaffer said.

Bellone called Berdolt a “consummate public servant” who was invaluable with emergencies such as Superstorm Sandy.

“He did really extraordinary work with the [Babylon] DPW and I was very grateful when he came over with me to the county,” Bellone said. “He has been a critical player in helping lead the county through some of the worst circumstances we’ve faced.”

Also coming to Babylon is Paul Margiotta, who is executive director of the county’s traffic and parking violations agency. He will remain in that role and will work part time for the town as acting director of the town’s adjudication bureau. He currently earns $176,000, Guilfoyle said. He will make an additional $75,444 for his part-time position with the town, Bonner said. Margiotta was also recently approved by the Babylon Village board as an outside attorney at a rate of $175 per hour.

Previously president of the Court Officers Benevolent Association of Nassau County, Margiotta worked as a town attorney for Babylon during Bellone’s tenure. In 2012 Bellone hired him as deputy county attorney and he later became labor relations director. Bellone did not respond to requests for comment on Margiotta.

“Another no-brainer with the wealth of experience and knowledge that he’s got to have him help us get our court up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Schaffer said.

With Bellone term-limited after next year, more of his hand-picked county employees will probably be leaving in the coming months. Schaffer said he expects Margiotta to work full time for the town after next year.

“It’s great that there’s this time expiration of the administration because you can grab the people who have this great experience and knowledge that you couldn’t find at any other given time,” Schaffer said.

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