A Bay Shore man has died after he fell on his front steps during "the height of the storm," Suffolk County police said Thursday. The death is the sixth one on Long Island related to superstorm Sandy.

Amid heavy winds from the storm Monday night, Michael Fleming, 80, fell on the steps and injured his head, Suffolk County police said.

Third Precinct officers, responding to a call just past 7 p.m., found Fleming on the ground at the bottom of the steps on Missouri Avenue, police said.

According to police, Fleming's wife said she heard a loud noise near the door, followed by her husband's yell.

Fleming was taken to Southside Hospital, Bay Shore, and was pronounced dead Tuesday.

The incident, considered accidental, "happened at the height of the storm," said Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick, commanding officer of the homicide squad.

There have been five other deaths related to Sandy, including two men hit by falling trees and two people involved in car accidents at intersections without working traffic lights. In addition, a body was found in the surf in East Hampton.

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