A vehicle exits the off-ramp of the westbound LIE at...

A vehicle exits the off-ramp of the westbound LIE at exit 64 in Medford on Tuesday. Credit: James Carbone

The Brookhaven Town Board unanimously adopted $18.4 million in bond resolutions for road reconstruction projects and rights-of-way improvements.

“Some roads are very good, some roads are good, some roads are fair, and some roads are poor,” Brookhaven Town Supervisor Edward P. Romaine said after the board's Thursday meeting. “We want to ensure that the number of roads in poor shape do not grow.” 

Romaine’s remarks align with his State of the Town address in March when he and other officials referenced how Brookhaven planned to bond $150 million over a 10-year span to repair roads and potholes.

Officials in the past year have made a big push to fix up roads, including paving and street resurfacing.

Brookhaven has 3,700 miles of roads. The Brookhaven Town Highway Department is in charge of road repair maintenance.

“We have a significant list of roadways that we know need attention,” Brookhaven Town Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro said, adding it won’t be finalized until after winter and following meetings with council members about how bad streets are in their districts. “Quite frankly, a lot of damage occurs during the winter. A bad winter with plowing can cause more damage. I don’t finalize my scope of work until after winter ends.”

Losquadro declined to point out specific roads that need repairing.

“We certainly have roads that are at the top of our priority list, but again I can’t say for certain because we have to wait until the end of winter.”

He added that every town road in poor condition will be addressed over the next decade.

While the bonding would fund the widening of roads, construction of sidewalks, bike lanes and drainage and milling, none of the $18.4 million will spruce up the Long Island Expressway entrance and exit ramps.

“Every day, I come off the Long Island Expressway westbound ramp at exit 64 and it is increasingly pitted with potholes,” Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico said. 

A year ago, he complained to the New York State Department of Transportation, which is responsible for the LIE, to inspect the ramps because the conditions pose a threat to motorists.
Panico said the state has done a better job fixing roads this year, but many are still dangerous.

“The on and off ramps are the absolute worst. They are horrible, horrible,” said Brookhaven Town resident Dennis Ross, 55, citing the Long Island Expressway westbound exit ramp onto Nichols Road at exit 62 that gives him the most trouble. “I don’t know why they get overlooked and abused. They’ll just fall apart, and I don’t understand what the problem is.”

Brookhaven roadwork:

  • $150 million in spending over 10 years to reconstruct roads
  • Fixes will be made on about 3,700 miles of road
  • Town this month approved $18.4 million in bonding for road projects

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