Brookhaven Town has demolished a condemned house on Oakcrest Avenue in Farmingville.

Officials said the dilapidated structure has been vacant for more than a decade and was the source of numerous community complaints and code violations.

It was demolished under with Chapter 73 of Town Code which provides a “fast track” to rid neighborhoods of unsafe structures. The cost of demolition and debris removal will go on the homeowner’s tax bill, and Brookhaven plans to place a lien on the property.

Suffolk County reimburses the town for the demolition and then collects the money from the property owner.

“Abandoned and unmaintained properties like this one are a threat to the quality of life in the neighborhood and bring down the value of all the homes in the area,” Town Supervisor Edward P. Romaine said in a news release.

“This neighborhood has very well-kept homes and it’s a shame that the people here have lived with this eyesore for so many years,” Town Councilman Kevin LaValle said in a release.

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